Trusted by organizations and groups, IQ Platform offers you access to an exclusive suite of online tools that make it easy to create compelling responsive web channels.


Give your marketing teams the power of integrated web channels adapted for specific phases of your marketing lifecycle.


Create rich media responsive websites with IQ.


Build a team of certified knowledge experts.


Rich media membership services for growing associations and groups.

Web Teams Members
Ideal for: companies, teams, groups teams of all sizes groups of all sizes

Web Frameworks

Modular Web + Microsite Frameworks

Responsive Web + Microsite (front-end) channels to get you started quickly. Choose from a library of modular frameworks designed for specific industries and vertical market applications. Optimized for delivery of rich media content and streaming videos.

Adaptive Navigation

Choose a mobile friendly navigation system or Design Your Own* user experience

Adaptive Navigation
Design Your Own*

Standard WEB Features

Out-of-the-box features that come with every WEB and WEBPORTAL channel.

Home Page (free area)
Main display window: static or rotating banners
3 scrollable panels
Footer area
Primary Sections
8 Overview Pages
50 Support Pages

Mix + Match - Widgets

Choose from a library of context specific Widgets to expand the power of your web channel.

Display Banners
Main Window
Mini Banner
Full Width
Sign-up and Registration
Subscription Form
Registration Form
Automated Response: Thank You Confirmation
Email Confirmation: email receipt, validation and opt-in
Contact Us email routing
User DataBase
Content Publishing
Stories | Articles
News | PR Widget
Resources | Media
Resources: Publish documents, images, videos, audio file types
Galleries: publish individual galleries of images, videos

WebPortal Frameworks

Modular WEB + Microsite Frameworks

Responsive WEBPORTAL channels integrate (front-end) web services + secure portal features. Choose from a library of frameworks built for specific types of teams, channel partners, membership organizations and groups.

Secure Portal Dashboards

Out-of-the-Box features that come with every WEBPORTAL channel.

Home Page (secure area):
Main display window: static or rotating banners
3 scrollable panels
Footer area
Additional Sections (secure area):
2 Overview Pages
10 Support Pages

My Preferences

Personalized preferences for individual users to update and control.

My Preferences
My Events
My Passport
My Certifications
Update User Profile:
General Information
Upload Image

WEBPORTAL - “Widgets”

Choose from a library of context specific Widgets to expand the power of your WEBPORTAL channel.

Manage Users:
Manage individual user accounts: 3 different levels
Secure Login: username and password required
Email Confirmation
Registration + Sign Up Form
Subscription Form
Contact Us: email routing
User Database
Sponsor Logos: full width
Rotating Logos
Sponsorship Form
Content Publishing:
Stories l Articles
News l PR Widget
Events Calendar:
Events Overview
Event Details
Locator Map: Google
Registration Form
Payment Options:
Executive Leadership l Board Services:
Board Directories
Standard Forms
Upgradable data tables and administrative tools upgrades **
Document storage: rich media document storage
Announcements l Messaging:
Public announcements and messaging services
Private announcements and messaging services
Search Tools:
Search: global site search
Search By: optimized for document, media and keyword contextual search
Find An Event
Find A Member
Find A Partner
Find A Store l Locator
Search Optimization
Learning + Mentorship:
Journey Map: Learning services enabled
Courseware: manage curriculums,tracks, courses, and modules
Quizzes & Certifications
Journey Map: Mentorship services enabled
Mentorship Programs