• How do I get started?
  • ChannelReady seamlessly blends 3 types of web applications across our suite of RESPONSIVE.WEB, TEAMS.PORTAL and LEARNING.PORTAL responsive web channels (front-ends). ChannelReady web applications are designed to address specific stages of a companies integrated sales and marketing lifecycle.

    All web channels start with standard "out-of-the-box" features; functional widgets to get your team started quickly.

    You may choose from a library of pre-configured frameworks and responsive front-ends or customize your own experience based on your content, media, document, and brand preferences.

  • What does the platform cost?
  • ChannelReady solutions are highly specialized, scalable, and product feature rich, costing companies 50% less than fully customized solutions built on top of WordPress, SalesForce, Microsoft Cloud, Blackboard, and SAP Elequa.

    Standard (or) Customized platforms require a one-time set-up fee and a monthly managed service fee. Monthly managed service fees adjust; based on your front-end design or build requirements, rich media streaming needs, media storage, user levels and security requirements.

    Please contact your ChannelReady representative at info@channelready.com for updated pricing and managed service fees.

  • How long does it take to set-up a new web platform?
  • A standard "out-of-the-box" ChannelReady Platform takes about 2 - 4 weeks to set-up based on the degree of front-end customization, rich media content, document management, product optimization, testing and delivery.

    The ChannelReady team will design and build your customized branded web, team or membership portal, publish your content, artwork, media libraries, and set-up your user groups for multi-channel delivery and access.

    The number of departments or groups and the quantity of users may increase the length of time to adapt the system to your ideal preferences.

    A fully customized and brand designed front-end can range from 8 - 10 weeks based on your web channel, content, and rich media publishing needs.

  • What type of training do I need?
  • The ChannelReady Platform has been designed to enable non-technical individuals to quickly get comfortable administering and publishing with the system. Our experience has been that most people don’t need formal training, and as a partner dedicated to your success, we’re committed to ensuring that you’re up and running quickly and efficiently.

  • What kind of support is provided?
  • The ChannelReady team is available to help you set-up your account, implement best practices and provide expert digital media assistance for optimizing a return on your investments. Because we have over 20+ years of real-world design and development experience, we partner with companies, organizations and groups to become a critical part of your sales and marketing ecosystem.

    Live CR Technical Support is available Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Pacific standard time) via Email at support@channelready.com with a guaranteed 2-hour response time.

    Should you encounter an issue, we're here to solve it.

  • Can we customize our web channels with our company branding?
  • The system serves as a fully branded extension of your company’s online presence. The branding, layouts, colors and interface of your web, team or membership portal can be customized to suit your needs or the CR team will help you create a customized solution based on your unique requirements.

  • How is our company’s intellectual property protected?
  • All of your intellectual property and proprietary content is stored in a securely hosted environment accessible only to those individuals who you grant permission. You control who can access what content and can terminate an individual’s system access at any time.

    For added security, you can license a website security certificate (SSL Certificate). The ChannelReady team will set-up your SSL Certificate and help you maintain your subscription on an ongoing basis.

  • Is the platform SCORM 3rd edition compliant?
  • ChannelReady’s built in Learning Management System is SCORM compatible and flexibly accommodates hosting a wide range of rich media and other content types. Should you have existing content developed in other standards, we’ll work with you to convert it to current standards.

  • What about rich media compatible content?
  • The ChannelReady Platform is the only cloud-based system that combines a responsive multi-display user experience and a real-time media publishing environment compatible with HTML5, streaming audio and video.

  • Can we run the ChannelReady Platform on our internal servers?
  • As a managed hosted service, the ChannelReady Platform is not available as an installable version. We maintain all servers, security and updates for you as part of your service. To interoperate with other systems, all of our reports allow you to export your data in multiple file formats.

  • Do you provide design, content and media creation services?
  • Our creative, user experience, instructional design and development teams are available to help you convert existing materials, media and content into engaging web channels; as well as develop new sales and marketing tools to support your teams. If you have a specific need, please contact us.

  • What languages other than English are supported?
  • ChannelReady has extensive localization experience developing multi-language applications. We also offer translation services through our network of specialized providers. The system’s user interface is currently available in English only.

  • How is online security and user privacy managed?
  • Our data center is hosted in partnership with IsoFusion, the most established Internet service provider in the Pacific Northwest; equipped for all aspects of operational security, connectivity, and environmental conditions.

  • How scalable is the ChannelReady Platform?
  • The ChannelReady Platform manages high bandwidth graphics, rich media video and audio streaming, and enterprise level concurrent user loads.

    The system integrates with SalesForce and combines RESPONSIVE.WEB, TEAMS.PORTAL, and LEARNING.PORTAL ‘Frameworks and Media Libraries' within a proprietary centralized content media and real-time publishing environment.